We’ve discovered the cheapest and highest quality of home demolition services in Sydney – Demolition Australia.

These guys have more than 25 years’ expert experience in demolition projects across the whole of NSW. With the highest level of safety, quality and integrity, these professionals are who you need on your next housing project.

Demolition Australia can knock down your house and it includes the excavation, structure and interior removal, safe asbestos removal and the final overall clean up. They operate across all of the NSW suburbs and are what you need for your next Sydney house demolition.

They are fully licensed in Sydney and NSW and are registered with the Department of Fair Trading. Their public liability insurance includes extra cover for dealing with asbestos, including its removal and clean up. Their full end-to-end service in residential house demolition throughout Sydney and NSW has been going on for over 25 years. They work side by side with your construction company to make sure your project runs smoothly and to plan.

Demolition Australia are fully compliant with the NSW codes for hazardous waste removal and preparing waste disposal management plans. They try to recycle any waste they can, where it is safe to do so. You’ll gt receipts for the disposal of the waste, for your council records, to show it’s been done in accordance with your Development Application Conditions and the Environmental Protection Authority regulations.

They knock down houses throughout NSW including the Sydney suburbs of Ryde, Hills District, North Sydney and Parramatta.

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