These Bad Stock Photos will make you scream WTF! How these horrible images made it onto stock photo sites is beyond me. Huge Like presents our weekly collection of the WTF Bad Stock Photos.

1. This bad stock photo of a male dressed as a female hitler

female hitler peeling photo  

2. This guy with the overhanging gut

bad shutterstock hippy guy    

 3. This guy doing his ironing in his undies using a mini iron, oh and also having a drink.

bad photo of guy ironing whilst naked      

 4. This reindeer being robbed

bad stock photo of eindeer robbing    

 5. This ridiculous shutterstock photo of a balaklava clad woman singing

wtf shutterstock photo of balaklava singing  

 6. WTF is this!

wtf man naked backwards  

 7.  .. and this stock is used for?!!

weird toilet seat istock

 8. Mmmm apples with teeth

thinkstock apples are scary and bad  

9. Vacuuman - Saving the world from dust

superhero with vauum is funny  

 10. Just a kid in a mini office having a bad day

bad stock photo of kid at mini office  

 11. Hungry?

naked guy at computer lokking stupidly bad    

12. Mime with a scared cat

mime posing with a cat      

13. Oh stop it you!

weird pic of manican loving woman    

14. All hail the mighty corn!

hail the corne wtf shutterstock    

15. I know I like to sleep on my cake.

guy lying on cake wtf        

16. WTF is this bad stock image?

wtf eyes    

17. Time for choppin'

dog with axe hilarious istock

18. Bling dog is horrible.

dog bling bad stock photo    

19. AND the worst stock photo .... A Boxing graduate in underwear.

horrible photo of boxing guy graduating

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